Love what you do

Harvey’s Trading Co. evolved over time, through my passion for art and décor. I love old buildings, repurposed furniture, and fine coffee. You might wonder what coffee has to do with an art and décor business? Quite a lot, actually.

My love for coffee developed during a trip to Burundi in 2016. Having met with some coffee farmers, I admired the way they invested such skill and effort into using natural resources to create a sustainable livelihood. Their passion and commitment to excellence mirrored my own, and I was humbled by their integrity and hard work under the toughest of circumstances.

Support what you love

When I returned from Burundi, I was inspired to show my respect for authentic products, carefully crafted by skilled artisans. I also had a strong desire to support communities and upliftment programmes. Now Harvey’s Trading Co. promotes proudly South African-made products as well as upliftment programmes within communities.

It's important to me to share the success of my business – that’s part of the good we do at Harvey’s Trading Co. Moreover, I’m proud to share that goodness with you. Isn’t it great to know that in purchasing our handmade décor items, you’re not only supporting the artisans and their families, but also entire communities?